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Facts and Figures

  • 3 million Britons damaged property when visiting UK hotels
  • UK guests checked out with £5m worth of stolen bathrobes
  • 80% of guests have taken something as a memento of their stay
  • 336,000 beds have been broken
  • 672,000 electrical items (kettles, irons, hairdryers etc) needed to be replaced
  • Over 300,000 TV sets ruined

*Source 'More Than Business' over a 5 year period

As Recommended by the Minister of Tourism

Guestscan with the Minister of Tourism

"I was very interested to see Guestscan's solution..."
John Penrose, Minister of Tourism

Protecting you from nightmare guests

Trashed B&B Room

Guestscan is a groundbreaking website created to safeguard hotels, B&Bs, holiday lets, holiday parks, booking agents and tour operators from "nightmare" guests.

Troublemakers can be identified for their misdemeanours:

From trashing a room to leaving without paying. From outright theft to downright fraud, including malicious Internet reporting. (See below.)

Whilst the Guestscan system complies fully with the Data Protection laws, we passionately believe accommodation owners deserve protection too.

And that starts with the right to check out guests before they check in, it's then up to you to accept a booking.

Being forewarned is being forearmed.


Malicious Internet Reporting

Reviews, criticism and good old fashioned word of mouth is what the hospitality trade thrives on.

But 'malicious' internet reporting is something altogether different.

The power of the pen can be devastating when it gets in the wrong hands - even the most reputable businesses can be damaged by scurrilous reviews.

Increasingly common is the threat of posting a bad review by an unsavoury customer looking for a free upgrade or a substantial discount.

This form of blackmail is seen by Guestscan as a misdemeanour and can be reported as 'threatening behaviour'.

A 'Guest Black Listing' service provided by Guestscan.co.uk has been set up whereby guests who fail to pay their bill, damage the Hotel or leave false reviews are blacklisted, thereby warning all other accommodation providers in advance.1
1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trip_advisor#Criticism_and_Legal_Action

Guestscan is a powerful deterrent to any badly behaving guest and is a serious antidote to malicious internet reporting.

Join the Guestscan Association and you have the opportunity of fighting back.

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