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Facts and Figures

  • 3 million Britons damaged property when visiting UK hotels
  • UK guests checked out with £5m worth of stolen bathrobes
  • 80% of guests have taken something as a memento of their stay
  • 336,000 beds have been broken
  • 672,000 electrical items (kettles, irons, hairdryers etc) needed to be replaced
  • Over 300,000 TV sets ruined

*Source 'More Than Business' over a 5 year period

As Recommended by the Minister of Tourism

Guestscan with the Minister of Tourism

"I was very interested to see Guestscan's solution..."
John Penrose, Minister of Tourism

Accommodation Owners

Life doesn't get any easier for the providers of holiday accommodation, there's increasing red tape and increasing litigation. And the public also have higher expectations when they go away.

Another concern for owners of holiday accommodation is the attitude of some guests who assume "I've paid for it, I can treat it as I like."

Guestscan has been created from an owner's point of view.

Its purpose is to redress the balance and reduce risk.

We concentrate on three elements:

  1. Encouraging responsible guests
  2. Providing specialist insurance advice
  3. Providing relevant legal services

With these in place you're free to concentrate on running your business.

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