How it Works For You

Owners have to join the Guestscan Association and comply with the Rules of the Association in the Members Handbook.

Once you become a member you will receive by email confirmation of your membership together with a user name and password. (You can change this password at any time.)

This enables you to enter the 'Members' site.

In the Members site you will be able to check whether we hold information on a prospective guest, report misdemeanours and take advantage of the FREE Booking Diary.

How the System Works

The Guestscan Association has a database where members can check if anyone making a booking has caused problems in the past. Members can also report bad behaviour.

This unique online database is developed and populated by the Guestscan Association and its members. This will ensure that the database is kept both relevant and up-to-date.

The Guestscan Report Form on the Internet is straightforward and unambiguous. There are several categories of misdemeanour.

  • Non-payment (please stipulate amount unpaid)
  • Damage to property (please state value of damage)
  • Abusive behaviour towards staff
  • Abusive behaviour towards guests
  • Excessive Noise
  • Extra Unauthorised Guests
  • Theft of Property (please stipulate value of stolen property)
  • Fraud
  • Other (must be specific)

Before any details are posted on the database the report is scrupulously checked by the Guestscan Compliance Officer.

Basically the Members create the list against which they can check any prospective guest.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions.